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Hello. I’m VAG, A Designer Located In Crete, Greece.
Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

Design is like the breath.
Necessary and distinctive.


Taste is like the human brain.
Everybody has one, few can use it properly.


If you need to explain the simple things,
then there is bad design.


You cannot design your future, you simply can sketch it.
Design your daily routine and then take a look further.


I Design Beautiful Things


Clients Worldwide

Since 2001, I’ve been honored to deliver projects for many clients worldwide. Personal, Small or Enterprise business have similar needs for branding and design.

Unique Design

Each project is unique. Like our fingertips. Can’t and won’t be same with another. It’s our rule and the way we deliver.

Easy to Understand

The most time consuming homework, the easiest reception from the user. We love to work prior of every delivery as much as needed, so won’t be confusion and misleads.

Always up to date

Walk with your era or step aside and watch the history in the making. We are always early adopters of new technologies because we simply love to be a step ahead.

Video Services

In the following months, we will deliver new Video Services as an addition to our Web Design & More company, Ax-Easy. Stay tuned!

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